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Review of 'Death In the Floating City' by Tasha Alexander

Death in the Floating City (Lady Emily, #7)Death in the Floating City by Tasha Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This ninth book in a series by Tasha Alexander featuring her characters, Lady Emily and her adoring and handsome husband, Colin Hargreaves, is by far the best to date. I thoroughly enjoy series in which the characters grow and develop further in each book. Donna Leon’s Brunetti, Camilleri’s Montalbano.

In Tasha Alexander’s light regency romances, one cannot expect the depth of a Leon, but that being said, Alexander’s research on the setting of this book, 19th century Venice, and the convoluted mystery she weaves in that enchanting city make this book hard to put down. It is by far the best of the series, all of which feature, at some level, murder and mayhem mixed with a hearty dose of romance between the heroine and the man she marries early in the series.

The heroine is an interesting character from the beginning of the series because she is widowed and independently wealthy and therefore free of the constraints imposed on married women of the period. A Greek and Latin scholar, she marries again only when she meets her intellectual match and is assured her freedom will not be impinged upon. An unlikely character in the 19th century, but an appealing and somehow quite believable one.

It is said the reading fiction requires the “suspension of disbelief”. It is not difficult in any Tasha Alexander novel to suspend disbelief. We would like to believe that a character like Lady Emily could exist in the 19th century. That she could meet with murderers and solve mysteries and end up alive and in the arms of her delightful and brilliant husband.

Tasha Alexander’s novels are all soundly entertaining and Death in the Floating City is the best yet.

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