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The Characters Who Travel the Romantic Road - #2 Lacy Telchev

While my characters are pure fiction, they are very real to me. I may never have known a real Lacy Telchev, but I have known several people with an incredible flair for languages.  I decided to make my heroine one of these linguistically talented people.

Allow me to introduce you to Lacy Telchev, Igor’s widow:

The Romantic Road by Blair McDowellFluent in English, French, German, Russian, and Hungarian, Lacy was working as an interpreter at the U.N. when she met Igor.  She grew up in America in a bilingual household, mother Austrian, father Hungarian, and her ability to move quickly and fluently between those languages and English, the language of her schooling, was evident at an early age. French and Russian she added in school.

She met her husband, Igor Telchev, at a lecture at NYU on The Economic Meltdown in Europe. 

Lacy is at home in Europe. As a child she spent summers in Hungary with her grandparents. Later she pursued language studies abroad. She knows Austria and Germany well.
 She is 5’7’’ and naturally blonde with straight shoulder length hair. She likes casual but expensive clothing. She prefers cashmere to fur, tailored slacks to evening gowns and flats to stiletto heels. She has a certain style and elegance of bearing that one often finds in cosmopolitan professional women.

She’s highly intelligent, with a sense of humor that sometimes gets her into trouble.  Her favourite food is pasta with cheese and butter sauce. Luckily she never seems to gain weight. 

She loves the music of the Hungarian gypsies she first heard when she was visiting her grandparents in Budapest as a child. 

Lacy’s external journey is to undertake the mission her deceased husband left for her. To do what he asked as his last request, even though by doing so she may put herself in mortal danger.

Her internal journey is to move from her widowhood, from the dark last two years of her marriage, into the light again. To find herself again through love.
In the following excerpt, our heroine has her first intimation that all is not well.

“Where is it? Just tell us where it is and you won’t get hurt.” The taller man loomed over her, his face expressionless, a mask.

“Where is what? What are you talking about? Who are you?” Lacy began to be annoyed. That was better than being scared. “Can I see your badges again?”
The second man stared hard at her though dead-looking flat grey eyes. “Mrs. Telchev,” he said, his voice low and menacing, “we mean you no harm. But you must tell us where he hid his manuscript.”  
They knew her name? Icy tentacles of fear slipping down Lacy’s back. She shook her head. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
At that moment the red and white lights of a state police vehicle rounded the curve coming toward them. Seeing the blocked road it stopped. Two uniformed officers got out and approached the two parked cars.
“You’re blocking the road. What’s the trouble here?”
The taller man spoke.  “No trouble, Officer. Sorry about the way we’re parked. I’ll move the car immediately. The lady was pulled over here and we just stopped to see if she needed help.”
He flipped open his wallet and showed the officers the same ID he’d shown Lacy.
It seemed to mean something to the policemen.
Lacy opened her mouth to say something and then thought better of it. What could she tell the police? These men wanted a manuscript from her but she didn’t know where it was? Or what it was about? Or even if it existed. That it involved her dead husband? No. She wouldn’t say anything. Not until she knew more.
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 Excerpts from Some of the Reviews of 'Romantic Road':

Escape Rating A - Marlene Harris, EscapeReality.net

"Like her other books, the story in this one operates on more than one level.  The suspense is edge of the seat, while Lacy's inner journey makes her a sympathetic and fascinating character. If you enjoy edge-of-your-seat suspense with a heart-pounding romance wrapped around a story that also makes you think, read Romantic Road, or any of Blair McDowell's marvelous stories.".....More

4 Stars out of 5 - Melanie Adkins, Have You Heard My Book Review

"This book is a terrific suspense/romance book. I loved that it covered so much of the world in telling the story. I felt as if I were viewing the sites myself, not second hand.  I could relate to the female main character. I've had friends who went from "nobody" to "Mrs. Park Avenue".  I loved the uniqueness of it as well.  It touched me deeply.  You'll enjoy this easy read." ....More

Celia Lewis, Pres., Romance Writers of America, Greater Vancouver Chapter
"A challenging love story, a deadly dangerous secret, a mysterious quest from New York through Europe, the latest story from Blair McDowell has it all!... I love romantic suspense, and this story was very fascinating to me, not least because of the unusual locales, adding an exotic flavour. I'm already wanting to read the next story by Blair McDowell!" 

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