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Scotland #8 - Back to the Mainland

Knipoch Hotel, Oban, Scotland
We somewhat reluctantly left Skye and headed down the mainland to Oban and a charming manor-house hotel called the Knipoch. This was the most elegant lodging we’ve had since the Royal Scotts Club in Edinburgh.

Wild Lavender Rhododendrons
All through the early part of our travels in Scotland our eyes were assaulted by brilliant yellow Broome, lining the roads, covering the hillsides. As we approached the west coast and the isles that changed. Now, the roadsides and hills are full of lavender colored Rhododendron. It grows wild, everyplace we look.

And, joy of joy, for the first time today, I saw Scottish Highland Cattle – a whole field if them – reddish brown, with long curly hair and snub noses and great wide horns. They look like no other cattle in the world. They are shown on post cards in every tourist shop, but few of them seem to be surviving in herds. We see more typical North American type cattle in most of the fields, and in fact we see few even of them. What we see everyplace is sheep.
Highland Cattle

Sheep were introduced wholesale into Scotland in the aftermath of Culloden. In something referred to as the “Highland Clearances” the British threw tenants off the lands they had farmed for generations, confiscating the land, knocking down the buildings and introducing sheep farming – a much more lucrative use of the land. What a history this small country has had!

As we neared Oban, huge dark clouds appeared on the horizon, followed by sheet lighting and then sharp spears of lightening and great rolling thunder. Dense rain and then hail hit the car, slowing us down considerably. If there had been anyplace to pull over and wait it out we would have. But the road merely narrowed.

The storm slowed to a drizzle just as we reached our hotel. Our large, warm, comfortable room and a blazing fire in the sitting room were very welcome.

The storm left as quickly as it had begun, and while the next day was cool with the odd shower, the worst of it was over. When we were packing for this trip all our friends told us to pack for cold and rainy. That isn’t the weather we’ve had. We’ve had more sunshine than rain and more warm than cold, although I must admit that this morning I’m sitting in a little B&B parlor wearing a sweater, a vest and a coat, and I’m still chilly.

Standing Stones at Kilmartin
But I’m ahead of myself. Back in the luxury of Knipoch we asked our hostess about the standing stones we had heard were in the area. She pulled out a map and showed us where they were. We made those our next day’s destination. Those of you who have read “Outlander” will know about these prehistoric circles – man made and probably of religious significance. The best known of them is Stonehenge in Great Britain, but in fact they may be found in many places. Last year we saw an ancient set of stones in France, in Brittany. Alas, these Scottish ones did not send me back in time to find a handsome Scottish warrior as they did Claire. 
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