Thursday, 15 August 2013

Rebel Ink Press' Third Anniversary Blog Hop

August 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to all Rebels

It seems just yesterday that I sent my first novel, The Memory of Roses, off to Elizabeth Carr hoping she might like it. And like it, she did. I had a contract back within a matter of days. I was so shocked that I sat there looking at the pages and thinking about it for about three days before answering. Since then, she has also brought out my paranormal romance with time travel, set in the Caribbean, Delighting In Your Company, and my romantic suspense novel, Sonata.

There is much to admire about the Rebel Ink operation, from the careful editing of the copy editors to the great covers by Carl to the efficient and timely way they bring books out. But most of all I have so appreciated it that the Editor In Chief, Elizabeth Carr, (or simply “E “, as she prefers to be addressed), answers my emails instantly when I have a question. She gives the word “approachable” a whole new meaning.

So on this THIRD birthday of Rebel Ink I hoist a glass in their honor. To all the people who keep Rebel Ink racing along.

We’re in the midst of summer madness here at our B&B. Never an empty night. My daily routine consists of serving breakfasts, dealing with rooms, shopping for supplies and, of course, writing. Got to get that next book Rebel-ready.

As for the marketing of the present three, I’ve been having some success with book signings and readings. They’re fun to do, don’t take too much time and DO sell paperbacks.
My wish list for Rebel—get together with one of the big distributors that can put our paperbacks on shelves in drug stores, supermarkets and, yes, even the mega bookstores. I believe in dreaming BIG.

Blair McDowell

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