Monday, 20 June 2016

2016 Trip to Europe - Day 11 - At Sea in the Baltic

Day 11 - At Sea

Map of Baltic Sea
We have a day at sea. We’re in the Baltic, a sea the Captain informed us is lined by nine countries. Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are to the south of us, Sweden, Finland and Russia are to the north. The other two? Denmark, of course, and Estonia. The Baltic, like our own Strait of Georgia, is modified salt water. Fresh-water rivers from the surrounding countries keep it that way.

I love sea days. I’m never quite as happy as when I can’t see land in any direction. 

Prinsendam Crow's Nest
I haven’t said much about the ship we’re on, the Prinsendam, the smallest of the Holland America Line. It carries something between six and seven hundred passengers. While I’m not a fan of cruise ships this one doesn’t seem too crowded or too big. It’s an older ship with numerous quiet corners and comfortable chairs facing the sea, both inside and on its decks. My favorite spot is the Crow’s Nest, a wide-windowed bar at the very back of the ship, with deep leather chairs facing the sea and a charming young woman who brings me a double Calvados before dinner each evening at sunset.

Tomorrow we arrive in St. Petersburg.


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