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Creating Characters #6 = Bette Richardson and Ed Richardson

Bette Anderson Richardson and Ed Richardson

Sometimes characters who are meant to be peripheral end up playing a much larger part in the plot than I originally plan in my outline of the story. So it was with Eve’s sister and her husband Ed. I was well into the book when I decided to give them a much larger role in solving the mystery, and to give the solution more punch, I made Ed an agent with the IRS.

Bette is Eve’s younger sister. It is she who suggests Eve’s European trip after their father’s death. She married young and has four children. Two boys and twin boys, all pre-school age. Her husband, Ed, is a solid, salt of the earth type. Quiet, soft spoken. His work -- he is vague about it -- but it’s with the investigative branch of the IRS. They live in Silver Springs, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C., where Ed commutes to work every day.

When Eve writes to tell them she is living with a man in Positano, on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, there is consternation in the household.

Ed uses his position to find out what he can about Adamo de Leone. What he discovers dismays him. He and Bette determine to visit Eve and Adamo at the earliest opportunity and to persuade Eve to come home with them.


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"Adamo and Eve are two people who have both been through their own versions of hell. They are both certain that they are not ready to enter into a relationship, but love finds them anyway. Then it takes them on the non-stop thrill ride of their lives."
-   Marlene Harris,


When Eve Anderson meets Adamo de Leone on a ship bound for Europe, she has no idea of the dark secret that will endanger both their lives. She accompanies him to his home on Italy’s Amalfi Coast to open an inn left to him by his grandfather. But then she learns he spent 5 years in prison for a crime he claims he didn’t commit. Could the man she loves be responsible for embezzling eighty million dollars from the investment firm he once owned?

Adamo wants to hold Eve at arm’s length until he can clear his proud family name. But when there is an attempt on his life and Eve is terrorized by a gun-bearing thug, he realizes how much he wants her, and he must accept whatever help he can get to uncover the well-hidden trail of a six-year-old crime.

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