Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Lisbon #2 - Bronze Statues

Bronze statues by our hotel
We’ve both been to Lisbon many times, I, for the first time almost fifty years ago. I can’t say I find the city much changed except for the way too many cars (not good) and the whimsical bronze figures scattered here and about the city, doing mundane everyday tasks (very good). They are utterly delightful.

Two of these bronzes are near our hotel. The sidewalks everyplace in Lisbon,  are made up of small squares of black and white cobble stone probably about two inches by two inches, set into fantastical shapes and designs. Waves are a common pattern, enough to make you sea sick if you look too far ahead. But that is not all, there are stars and flowers and ships and compasses and almost anything else the creative Portuguese mind can devise. They are art at your feet wherever you go in this city. And of course they require vast resources to maintain.

So, just a few feet from the front door of our hotel there are two bronze figures, life size, repairing a small section of sidewalk.  Whimsy at its best!
Another of the many bronze statues

Lisbon is a walking city. Take cabs between distant points, 
but for the rest of it, walk! You’ll miss a great deal if you don’t. Above all, skip the so called “hop–on-hop-off” buses. They are very time consuming and spend far too much of their time in traffic jams. Decide where you want to go next and take a cab. They’re inexpensive and they know their way around. 

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